>Happy Birthday – Paper Piecing Technique


Happy Hump Day all-

Seems like this week is flying by for me…is it for you too?  I hope that you are having a fantastic day so far.  I am really excited to share with you this card that took me all os 5 minutes to create.  I Paper Pieced each of the gifts in the stamped image….and just incase you don’t know what Paper Piecing is, it is the cutting pieces out of a design or stamped image and then layering it on paper.  So, what I did way stamp the birthday cake image on 4 pieces of cardstock – Purple, Orange, Green and Yellow and then cut out each gift and then adhered it to my stamped image.  I hope that I made sense and that I didn’t confuse you….LOL!!

I love the end result and like I said, it was so quick to create!  I hope that you give this technique a try.

Well my friends, that’s all for now.  Thanks again for taking the time to stop by!  See ya tomorrow!
Kimba 🙂


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