Just Because…

Hey everybody-

What’s happening?  How’s your Thursday going?  I am so looking forward to the weekend.  Tomorrow is my hubby’s 40th birthday and I have some cool  birthday activities for he and I and the kids.  I love putting together surprises; especially ones where you just KNOW the person is going to love it!  I will post pictures throughout the weekend and share with you his day!

Today’s card I created for two challenges.  The first one is for Embellish Magazine.  The challenge was to create a Nautical Card using the following colors: Red, Navy, Brown, Light Blue.  The stamps that I used is from HeroArts, and now that I look at the card, the stamps were all from one set – Precious Baby Boy – CL264.  This stamp set is typically used for babies but hey….breaking the rules is so much more fun! LOL!  The stamps that I used for the “water” is another HeroArts Woodblock stamp.  It’s called Swirl with Flower.  I just love using a stamp in a different way other than what you would typically think….yay!  I also used HeroArts Envelope Pattern stamp for the clouds.  I “free hand” drew the clouds and then cut them out.  I used this stamp to add some interest to the clouds.  White clouds are cool, but Envelope Pattern Clouds are even COOLER….lol!

Well, that’s about all the stamps that I used to create this card.  I am really starting to get intothe “building a scene” when it comes to cards.  I am also going to enter this card in the HeroArts Summer Challenge.  A boat, on the water, with cool clouds – that just SHOUTS Summer!

I hope you enjoy the rest of your Thursday and thanks so much for stopping by!

Kimberley 🙂


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