Oh Happy Day!!

Happy Day - July2011B by kimba7669
Hey there bloggers,

Is this week going by fast or what?  I can’t believe that it is Thursday already….and I can’t even believe MORE THAN THAT , that it is July 28th….this month has gone so fast as well.  The summer will be gone soon and I’ll be taking about how chilly it is outside..LOL!!!  But for right now, I created a card that makes me think of summer – the bright color, the flowers, make me think of fu in the sun.  Here I used 2 HeroArts stamp sets – Layered Flower and Thoughtful Message.  I love this pattern paper.  It’s by My Mind’s Eye – Mary Mary Happy Birthday.  I love the quality of this cardstock.  It’s so thick and sturdy and best of all – DOUBLE-SIDED!!! Yay!

Well bloogers, I gotta run and get my day started.  I hope that you enjoy your day to the full!  Thanks for stopping by!

Kimberley 🙂




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