ME So SCARED by kimba7669
Hello all

I hope that you had a FANTASTIC Thanksgiving and that you are all okay from your TURKEY COMAS…LOL!!  Today is Black Friday…are any of you brave enough to venture out among the other Black Friday Die-Hard’s???  Not me.  I did the whole getting up early one time…I was going to Walmart….only to be met with shoppers…standing on line….a line that reached out of the parking lot near the highway.  That was the deciding factor that told me that this would be the FIRST & LAST time I would attempt to go out. ROFL!!!  I can laugh now, but back then, at 4am in the morning….not so much! 🙂

So, in light of that experience, I decided to go out with the family and enjoy NEW YORK CITY.  I hate to say this for all of you who don’t live in New York, but there is NOTHING…I say NOTHING like Christmas in New York.  I took some pics of what we did on Black Friday.  I had the best time…and I hope you did too!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your day!

Kimberley 🙂

Barney’s of New York – Lady Gaga’s Tribute

I also have some more pictures HERE,  in my FLICKR group so feel free to check them out as well!


3 responses to “BLACK FRIDAY!!!! – ME So SCARED!

  1. KIMBA!! You are adorable!! This is not a look I would EVER expect from you, LOL!!! Hugs, Marcyxoxox

  2. Kimberley Jackson-Brown

    ROFL…..I just had to make that face when I was sitting next to the bears…LOL!!! But you know what…they were so soft and squishy….my little one wanted to tke them home…

  3. great pic!

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