HeroArts COLOR Challenge by kimba7669
Hello everybody…

It’s November 30th – 25 more days til Christmas….that is IN-SANE!!!!! Where did the time go???? I love this time of year becasue my kids are soooo excited and I get to decorate the house and put up lights and play Nat King Cole….

Today’s card is an example of the color scheme I am doing this year. Typically, the kids and I decide each year what color they want the tree decorations. Last year we did white and silver. The year before that we did red. And so this year, I wanted to be different. I was in Target and I saw this package of Christmas bulbs and I was like, ” These colors are OUTSTANDING!” and I thought that this was the color scheme that I wanted for this year, but…I needed to okay it with the kids….and when they saw the colors, they were hooked. I am going to post a picture of the bulbs because you just gotta see them and also, it would be a great COLOR INSPIRATION.

Okay…back to the card. It has the colors of the bulbs – the Hot Pink and that Bright Turquoise (Turquoise is my sister Crystal’s favorite color and now I see why she loves it) and the tree is that Bright cheery green….LOVE IT! The stamps I used are HeroArts Snowman Christmas – CL541. I added some gemstones for some bling because a tree durning the holidays MUST HAVE SOME SORTA BLING….LOL!

Alrighty then my friends, gotta run.  I hope you have a great day today and I will see ya tomorrow!

Kimberley 🙂


One response to “The COUNTDOWN Begins…

  1. I ADORE those colors! Your card is gorgeous! And WHERE did this year go? You have to take pics of your tree – it’s gonna be outstanding! Hugs, Marcy xo

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