Happy TGIF Everyone…

….and I want to give a special BIRTHDAY SHOUT OUT to my eldest daughter Kennedy…


I have some surprises in store for my Kennedy….her last year in SINGLE DIGITS….awwww, she’s growing up! Where did the time go???

As you may or may not know…I gave birth to Kennedy in the front seat of my car, while my hubby was driving to the hospital….on the Southern State Highway. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it to the hospital….but Kennedy was ready to make her grand appearance. ONLY two pushes and she was out…and she DIDN’T EVEN CRY!!! She is my SUPER EARLY XMAS SPECIAL DELIVERY…LOL!!! So…today, I will be posting pics and such in a tribute to her birthday.

Thanks guys for stopping by!!! Have a GREAT Friday and weekend!!!

Kimberley 🙂

PS – TODAY is the last day to participate in the Kennedy’s Birthday Giveaway and HERE are all the details!


3 responses to “HAPPY BIRTHDAY KENNEDY!!!

  1. Happy happy Birthday, Kennedy! Love her sweet smile! I didn’t know her birth “story”!! Wow! She really wanted to meet you SOOOO badly…that she couldn’t wait till hospital! What a blessing! Hugs to you, Kimba!

  2. Happy Birthday, Kennedy! That is a beautiful, happy smile, and you bring a smile to my face, just seeing all the joy you have! Have a wonderous, fun day!!!
    Hugs to you and your family,

  3. Happy belated birthday, Kennedy! Such a beautiful and happy smile! Hope you had a fun-filled day! 🙂

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