Kennedy’s Birthday Giveaway WINNER ANNOUNCED!!!

Happy Monday Morning my friends….

I hope that you had a wonderful weekend and I hope that you are enjoying this holiday season thus far.  Today I won’t be posting a card, but instead posting the WINNER of Kennedy’s Birthday Giveaway!!  I just want to thank all of you for ALL of your birthday wishes you sent her.  She has something special planned for you all, so please make sure you come back after 5pm – by that time she’ll be out of school with a her homework done!  Okay….so without further ado…..



…………AND THE Kennedy Birthday Giveaway WINNER is………….

Thank You ALL for playing along as well as becoming followers.  CONGRATULATIONS Linda Van Vliet!! Please send me an email to -put KENNEDY’s BDay WINNER in the subject line, with your address, and I will get your items out to you.  Again…thanks so much for playing along and thanks for stopping by! 

Have a great Monday!  🙂


3 responses to “Kennedy’s Birthday Giveaway WINNER ANNOUNCED!!!

  1. owww WEE! that’s me! Thank you so much, Kimberley and Kennedy! Happy birthday Kennedy! Have a WONDERFUL year! I love your picture in the previous post: you have a GREAT smile!

  2. woo hoo congrats to Linda…

  3. Yay, congrats to Linda!

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